The Philadelphia United Independent Union (UIU) is an independent labor union serving Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware. UIU does not have any vocational restriction and serves any industry that seeks assistance negotiating union contracts.

Through UIU, union workers are able to achieve strength and recognition. UIU will help protect union workers’ rights and ensure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled, such as legal services, medical and dental insurance, and prescription drug programs.

A Trusted Name In Delaware Valley

Preserving Local Autonomy

Unlike traditional labor unions, UIU preserves and advocates for local autonomy amongst its affiliates. In fact, local autonomy is guaranteed inviolate by UIU’s constitution.

UIU is run by democratic rule and active participation from affiliates is encouraged. UIU sponsors conventions to elect officers and develop policies. The convention not only provides affiliates with the opportunity to be directly involved in the election process but is an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas and information and network with other union officers from the region.

How to join UIU

UIU membership is limited to companies that are run and completely controlled by their collective bargaining agreement. UIU is a multi-trade union that represents several trades and professions, in both the private and public sectors, in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, Delaware, and New Jersey. They do not impose any vocational restrictions. UIU will help you prepare for your future. For more information about membership opportunities or general inquiries, please phone the union office at 215-338- 4150.