Labor faces a strong, but different future

Society has progressed from a predominately industrial economy to one that prioritizes services and information. As a result, corporate mergers and downsizing are issues we continually face. The Philadelphia United Independent Union assists union workers to achieve strength and recognition. UIU takes the time to ensure grievances are resolved and the contracts negotiated provide the best possible wages, opportunities, and job security for our members.

Unlike other parent unions, affiliates of UIU are able to maintain their autonomy, yet still participate in collective bargaining to obtain fair wages, benefits, vacation time, etc. UIU can help members take full advantage of their legal rights, prevent abuse or unjust treatment, and ensure greater job security.

Services UIU Offers:

  • Secure access to health services including: medical and dental insurance, as well as prescription drug programs
  • Negotiate contracts and coordinate trade and/ or industry bartering;
  • Provide legal assistance on arbitrations and other grievances;
  • Provide online access to the most recent contract settlements and information on the best methods used to achieve those settlements;
  • Provide training sessions for local officers and shop stewards on a bi-monthly basis. Attendees are educated on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the latest developments in labor law and labor arbitration, contract negotiations, preparing for arbitration, campaign strategies, and other critical union issues.

Your choice for a Philadelphia Union

Not only will UIU ensure you receive the onsite representation and customized social contracts to which you are entitled, you will have the full strength of the union behind you to ensure all social and political issues are discussed at the community level. UIU will be the voice for your rights and act as a key element in safeguarding them.